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Live with Big Jack Johnson 
Terra Blues NYC

Review of Jason live with Christine Santelli by David McGee famed Steve Earle, BB King, and Carl Perkins biographer and writer for Rolling Stone and Spin magazines!


"...electric guitarist Jason Green pretty much blew everyone away with a florid but self-effacing display of chops, spitting out howling blues choruses, B.B. King-ish single string runs, rich, jump blues chordings, and some jazzy interludes... "



East Coast Blues & Roots Festival...RED HOT BLUES AND GREENS


"My favourites of the festival included the fabulous Buddy Guy, Tommy Castro, Patty Larkin and Guy Davis, but there were many fine players. Jason Green, guitarist with Big Jack Johnson, was red hot and Luka Bloom was very special. Guy Davis really was the real brass nuts." - Steve Baker "BARFLY" Magazine Australia

BLUES REVIEW The Felix Cabrera Blues Band – Murray Street Grill – New York City 


Fiery blues guitarist Jason Green,  is one of several local players who have rotated through Cabrera’s band, answered the  call...(with a) crying guitar from Green  who has toured with Big Jack Johnson...

Another heartfelt Cabrera original, “She Told Me A Lie” from 2001’s Pressure Cooker, showed off Green’s dazzling guitar prowess...

 - Kay Cordtz BLUES REVIEW


Press on subway artists CD


"Jason Green plays "Little Blue Cart Blues" and let me tell you something. This Ohio boy shows off some guitar picking that is outstanding. Jason Green could easily play in the blues club near you. This song may be the best display of instrumentation on an album that is loaded with good musicians." 



"Blues guitarist Jason Green makes the most of his single track, "Little Blue Cart Blues", by showing off a sense of depth and playfulness in the three minute piece." 

- Adam Besenyodi POP MATTERS Magazine


"For every up-tempo, exciting blues guitarist (Jason Green) that moves our feet... allowing Green's ecstatic playing to segue into Thomas Bailey's old-time folk number..." 

-Justin Cober-Lake STYLUS MAGAZINE


"...perhaps you might prefer Jason Green's accomplished blues and jazz guitar chops, which you can imagine echoing nicely down there." 

-Osvaldo Oyola GLIDE MAGAZINE 


"Jason Green is a talented guitarist who could extend his soul to his audiences. " 

-JAZZ REVIEW Dr. Ana Isabel Ordonez


"...guitarist Jason Green is a fleet-fingered player with lots of fresh ideas as well." 

-Review of Jimmy Ley's "The Stalker": REAL BLUES magazine December 1997